Aluminum is an alloyed with copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, silicon and others. We offer following material choices: A356, A360, A380, A390, A383, A413, AlSi10Mg, ADC-12, ADC-14, LM4, LM6, LM9.

A356 is the most popular. A380 aluminum alloy is also widely used for casting general-purpose die castings. We would suggest some flexibility with raw material. For example: A383 is not as easy to find as A380 in China, and A380 can usually substitute A383.

Aluminum Die-Casting

Aluminum die-castings are available in alloys including A380 and A383. Features of aluminum die-castings include thin wall, corrosion resistance, light weight, nice surface, and electrical conductivity.

Die casting utilizes 1 to 800 ton cold chambers with manual & automated operations. We have supplied aluminum die casting parts and enclosures to aerospace, military, electronic, medical markets.

Why use our Al die-casting products?

  • Thin wall
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Nice surface
  • Electrical conductivity

Aluminum Extrusion

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections, and to work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. It also forms parts with an excellent surface finish.

Next to aluminum die-casting or extrusion, we will machine your products on CNC machines for drilling, milling, routing…or forging, rolling, drawing on state of the art machineries.

Familiar with needs in the following applications:

glass building, solar panel, instrument enclosure, LED heat sink, and high precision printer parts.

Wrought Aluminum Alloys China ISO USA Germany Britain France
(GB) (ISO) (AA) (DIN) (BS) (NF)

Those may be shaped by extrusion, rolling, drawing, or forging.

Wrought alloys are the most widely used in aircraft construction as well as building industries.

Wrought alloys are divided into two classes: non-heat treatable and heat treatable. Alloys 6061-T6 is used widely

LG5 - 1199 Al99.98R S1 -
LG2 - 1090 Al99.9 - -
LG1 Al99.8 1080 Al99.8 1A -
L1 Al99.7 1070 Al99.7 - 1070A
L2 - 1060 - - -
L3 Al99.5 1050 Al99.5 1B 1050A
L5-1 Al99.0 1100 Al99.0 3L54 1100
L5 - 1200 Al99 1C 1200
LF2 AlMg2.5 5052 AlMg2.5 N4 5052
LF3 AlMg3 5154 AlMg3 N5 -
LF4 AlMg4.5Mn0.7 5038 AlMg4.5Mn N8 5083
LF5-1 AlMg5 5056 AlMg5 N6 -
LF5 AlMg5Mn0.4 5456 - N61 -
LF21 AlMn1Cu 3003 AlMnCu N3 3003
LD2 - 6165 - - -
LD7 AlCu2MgNi 2618 - H16 2618A
LD9 - 2018 - - -
LD10 AlCu4SiMg 2014 AlCuSiMg - 2014
LD11 - 4032 - 38S 4032
LD30 AlMg1SiCu 6061 AlMg1SiCu H20 6061
LD31 AlMg0.7Si 6063 AlMgSi0.5 H19 -
LY1 AlCu2.5Mg 2217 AlCu2.5Mg0.5 3L86 -
LY11 AlCu4MgSi 2017 AlCuMg1 H15 2017A
LY12 AlCu4Mg1 2024 AlCuMg2 GB-24S 2024
LC3 AlZn7MgCu 7174 - - -
LC9 AlZn5.5MgCu 7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 L95 7075
LC10 - 7079 AlZnMgCu0.5 - -
LT1 AlSi5 4043 AlSi5 N21 -
LT17 AlSi12 4047 AlSi12 N2 -
LB1 - 7072 SlZn1 - -
  USA UK France Germany ISO Aluminum Alloy For Casting
Al-Si Alloy A03560 356 323 A-S7G G—AlSi7Mg

It is suitable for casting in sand, permanent mold, and die castings.

A356 is the most popular. A380 aluminum alloy is also widely used for casting general-purpose die castings.

It has good mechanical properties and is used in hundreds of applications including air brake castings, gear cases and air-cooled cylinder heads.

A13560 A356.0
A14130 A13/A413.0 305 LM20 A-S13 G—AlSi12
  A03600 360 309 LM9 A-S9G G—AlSi10Mg
A13600 A360.0 A-S10G AlSi10Mg
A03550 355 322 LM16 G—AlSi5Cu
C33550 C355.0
A03280 328 331 LM-24 G—AlSi8Cu3
A03281 328.1
A03190 319 326 LM4 A-S5UZ G—AlSi6Cu4
A03191 LM21 A-S903
SC122A LM2 -
A03360 336 LM13 A-S12UN - AlSi12Cu
A03361 336.1
  LM1 G—AlSi(Cu
A13570 357          
A03541 354
Al-Cu Alloy A-U5GT G-AlCu4TiMg
A02950 295 38 A-U5GT G-AlCu4Ti
Al-Mg Alloy A05200 520 324 LM10 G-AlMg10
A05202 520.2 320 LM5
A05140 514 A-G6 AlMg6
A05141 514.1 A-G3T AlMg3
Al-Zn Alloy A07120 7122.2 A-Z5G AlZn5Mg
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Of course we treat the surface according to our customer needs:

powder coating, spray painting, silk printing, polishing, brushing, sand blasting, anodizing ...

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