Metal Stamping in China

We are an American owned manufacturing company in China with strong capabilities in:

  • Normal stamping (Blanking, Bending, Forming, Piercing, Coining…)
  • Progressive die- / high-speed stamping
  • Robot stamping

From low to high quantity items we are your preferred manufacturer for stamping products. We provide all secondary finishing processes such as welding, bending and surface treatment like powder coating and anodizing

Our common stamping operations
Bending The material is deformed or bent along a straight line
Flanging The material is bent along a curved line
Embossing The material is streched into a shallow depression. Used primarily for adding decorative patterns.
Blanking A piece is cut out of the sheet of the material, ususally to make a blank for further processing
Coining A pattern is compressed or squeezed into the material. Traditionally used to make coins
Drawing The surface area of a blank is streched into an alternate shape via controlled material flow.
Stretching The surface area of a blank is increased by tension, with no inward movement of the blank edge. Often used to make smooth auto body parts
Ironing The material is squeezed and reduced in thickness along a vertical wall. Used for beverage cans
Reducing / Necking Used to gradually reduce the diameter of the open end of a vessel or tube.
Curling Deforming material into a tubular profile. Door hinges are a common example.
Hemming Holding an edge over onto itself to add thickness. The edges of automobile doors are usually hemmed

Each stamping operation has its advantages and disadvantages. We choose the most cost effective for your product!

Our Work

Examples from our OEM projects

Why working with us on your stamping project?

One stop solution for all your steel products with all manufacturer possibilities inclusive tooling and mold design and execution in-house.

We can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products and existing products from prototyping to mass production.

We have the capabilities to manufacture complex, high precision parts.

If you need secondary/finishing processes such as welding, riveting, powder coating, anodizing and/or assembly, our assembly lines will take care of it. We can deliver sub-assembly and finished products.

Our stamping process is highly automated and efficient with our robot-stamping equipment.


Distinct benefits of working with us:

Clear engineering communication in English and German, which is vital prerequisite for manufacturing projects


One-stop shopping for projects that require multiple manufacturing processes, from metal fabrication to plastic molding.

Manufacturing Process List

Strong process control, high quality standards, and a large and dedicated QC team


Best price in China through manufacturing excellence and economy of scale.